Fun with Hernias

So yesterday I was sitting at my desk at work, chatting with a coworker, and I chuckled. I did not laugh. I did not guffaw. I didn’t exert or strain anything. But apparently this was enough to upset my hernia.

Before I continue, I do want to assure you it’s nothing serious. It hurts and it’s making it interesting to do things like move and breathe, but it’s nothing serious.

But before I made a trip to my doctor today, I was freaking out a bit. See, this hernia was diagnosed over a year ago, and I had had it for gods know how long before that. I’ve been an active corsetiere since about 2007 or 2008, though I don’t wear them very often anymore for obvious reasons. I lift and carry things a normal amount for someone who doesn’t lift and carry things for a living, I curl into a ball to go to sleep, I bend, I twist, I do all those everyday movements that I’ve been doing all my life.

And yesterday—while sitting at my desk at work—I chuckled, and effectively pulled a muscle.

…is it January yet?


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