So Far So Good

Protein shakes, day two

Yesterday…sucked. All I wanted in the world was a chicken sandwich. Or just something with meat in it. And yes, I totally dreamed about food last night.

Today is much better. It was heartening to read in the materials I got from my doctor’s office that this is to be expected. See, because I’ve cut my carbohydrate intake to effectively nothing, my body is going into what is known as ketosis. Essentially, my body is using energy stored in my fat cells to function.

Needless to say, this is something that requirs a bit of an adjustment period. Yesterday I was headachey and kind of depressed. I wanted to eat actual food. It didn’t help that pretty soon the protein shake mixture started to taste and smell pretty vile. But water and sugar free gum are my friends, so I made it through the day.

Today I am dizzy (again, this is expected) and loopy as all get-out. I’m giggling at random things. I hope it lasts. This frame of mind always makes life more interesting.

I am drinking lots of water, per my doctor’s instructions. I feel as if I am about to develop the genetic mutation possessed by Senator Kelley in the first “X-Men” movie and begin dribbling onto the floor.

I am still very much taking things one day at a time right now. I feel accomplished because of yesterday. I am also very tired…but then I haven’t been sleeping well for about the last month, so that’s not helping much either.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep everyone updated. It’s interesting to have part of my life under a microscope like this, and I’m enjoying writing about it. I’m enjoying examining it, as well.

So, day two. Back to giggling.


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