Laying Some New Ground Rules

Work today saw donuts and cookies up for grabs, and naturally, I didn’t get to eat any of them. (“…get to eat…” because I was cheated in some truly horribly way, you see.) But it got me thinking. This week notwithstanding, this sort of thing is not a common occurrence. I am not bombarded by well-meaning coworkers’ pastries every hour of every workday. So I’m looking into the future and trying to figure out just how restrictive I’ll be with my diet.

They say that you should eat “sparing” amounts of fats, oils, and sugars. I, of course, have had a difficult time doing that in the past. So I know that if I forbid myself to touch another cookie ever again that I may cause myself problems down the road.

My willpower is not infinite. One day, I will crack. I actually came very close today. I went and investigated the donuts with a napkin in my hand…but there were no plain glazed yeast donuts, which are my favorite, and so that was justification enough for me to walk away and not have a donut. But if there had been a glazed yeast donut…well, honestly, I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter at this point, anyway.

But I digress. The point is that if I absolutely forbid myself from having The Bad Stuff that my willpower is more likely to fail and fail spectacularly. So I decided to consider rules for the future. I don’t know if this will be how I end up doing things, but I wanted to write them down/share them in the meanwhile.

  1. I may only eat junk if it is provided to me from someone else with no prompting on my part–and only if I have room in my stomach at the time. This is an uncommon enough occurrence that I think it would qualify as an “occasional indulgence”. This covers birthdays, holidays, and yes, random baked goods at the office. That last bit will hopefully ensure that I am taking time to think and listen to my body and what it wants before cramming a some food into it. This is actually very important with the band anyway, as failure to do that can lead to things like band slippage and so forth.
  2. When at work, I may only have one serving of whatever-it-is, and I may not consume that serving until all other portions are gone. This would prevent me from going and getting seconds, thirds, etc. It might take me a lot of willpower to wait that long, but I’ve noticed I’m better about that sort of thing if I can’t see whatever it is that’s tempting me. Oh, and in the case of the day of ALL THE CUPCAKES when they probably still had dozens of the damn things left at the end of the day, I would have to wait to eat mine until right before I leave for the day. Then I would be on my way out the door and have no time to think about there being other cupcakes.
  3. At family gatherings, junk may be eaten only after my meal is finished, and only if I truly have room for it. I had to think about this one. Technically food provided at a family gathering falls under the first rule—it’s food that someone else is giving me, but that I haven’t directly asked for. So clearly, I had to come up with a special rule in this case. In essence, this is what every parent tells their child (or at least what mine told us growing up): I can have dessert, but I have to finish my dinner first. The difference here is that not only do I have to finish my dinner first, but I have to have room for dessert. Somehow, I don’t really see that happening terribly often.

    Edit: I should wait at least twenty minutes after eating before deciding if I have room for dessert or not. (With thanks to Heather.)

Those of you reading, I would be interested in feedback if you have any. Obviously these rules are based entirely on subjective experiences, but I’m sure there’s at least one of you out there who can weigh in on whether or not any of this sounds loony (Older Sister, I’m looking at you).

And I may be adding other rules in the future. But these seemed like a good start.

Time until surgery: 4 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes


2 thoughts on “Laying Some New Ground Rules

  1. Heather says:

    I think they are good rules to follow. One I try to follow is breaking up the dessert into smaller portions and separating them, then taking only one smaller portion and eating it slowly. Of course, this only works if I don’t taste the food before it is broken into smaller bits and the smaller bits are stored somewhere out of sight or I end up eating the whole damn thing anyway >_> It helps when someone is willing to share it so that there isn’t anything else tempting you after your portion is gone.

    Also…funny thing, but it really does take time for food to settle in your stomach. Maybe give yourself a time limit where you can’t eat any extras after your meal until x amount of time has passed. That way you’re not making my mistake of thinking you still have room for dessert and then halfway through it realizing that, in fact, you did not.

  2. Astrid says:

    Oo. That time limit thing is a really good idea! Thank you! I would like for my band to stay in place >_>

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