It’s Been One Week…

It’s been quiet around here lately, largely due to my not having the energy to do much more than stare at the TV, so I thought I’d make an update today. See, one week ago today I was, by this point, very asleep in my own bed after having spent around twenty-four hours at the surgery center for my banding surgery. And what a week it’s been.

I mentioned a lack of energy. For me that’s been the norm. I’m sure I’m not the only band patient for whom that is the case, but I’m sure there are others with vastly different experiences. This hasn’t been a “spend all day asleep” type of lack of energy. It’s more of an “eat once an hour for most of the day or be in trouble” lack of energy. (And by “eat” I of course mean “imbibe protein supplements”.) All in all it’s been…well, pretty brutal, actually. If I were to say that I’m happy that tomorrow I get to start on pureed foods, it would be like saying that Lake Erie is a trifle moist.

You know you’re low on energy when you don’t even have enough to play a video game. So I’ve been watching movies all week. Netflix is a wonderful and glorious thing. If you’re like me and enjoy watching really terrible movies just so you can laugh at how terrible they are, consider the following:

Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Sadly, Netflix doesn’t have the first in the series, but this one is still worth the time. It’s quite funny, though not so much in the way mentioned above. It’s actually engineered to be funny, and has not only George Clooney, but Jon Astin in it.

The Stuff
…it’s difficult to take a horror movie seriously when the boogeyman is sentient frozen custard.

Top Gun
This one wasn’t terrible ha-ha. This one was just terrible. Seriously. Why did this movie enjoy any popularity at all? (Oh right, Tom Cruise.) The scenes with the jets were awesome, but come on. Oh well. At least now I know where all of the pop culture parodies come from.

The Faculty
I had already seen this before and therefore knew it was…not the best movie in the world. It’s not the worst movie in the world—it was well cast and I actually like Elijah Wood in this, which is more than I can say for anything else I’ve ever seen him in. But…yeah.

…the ’80s were fucked up.

Today I’m starting with “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” which I have never seen before and am expecting to be reasonably terrible. Tomorrow I finally get to have meat again. (These two pieces of information are unrelated.) Until next time.


5 thoughts on “It’s Been One Week…

  1. coemaria says:

    I love all the badness of movies that Netflix can provide. I never thought in a million years that, of all the movies we watched on December 21st, the one with Pervo the Clown was by far my favorite. ^_^ (That stupid rapture movie… yeah, that was just worse than most anything I’ve ever seen.)

    But Heathers, well, that was (and is) still one of my favorite movies from my teen years. I saw a lot of my school in that movie. And, I still want Mythbusters to please do an episode to prove or disprove that you can actually light a cigarette off of human flesh.

    Top Gun, that is a movie that I went to see like 4-5 times when I was a teen. You see, where there’s only one movie theater in your small town, and that theater only has one screen, you get to watch that movie. I mean, there’s nothing to do in my hometown (unless you consider drinking all the time or going to church).

    I’ve not seen the other movies you mentioned, although I would love to see AOTKT.

    I am glad you are well. I am so every proud of you. I miss you tremendously. Please let me know if there is anything you need. Love you!

  2. Astrid says:

    Yeah, that was probably the best out of all the movies we watched. …which is frightening >_>


    Thank you : ) I still need to read your latest two entries. Like I said, it’s been a really low-energy week. I miss you too! I will let you know if I need anything. I hope you’ve been having a good week!

  3. coemaria says:

    (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)

  4. […] really tired enough to sleep. Or perhaps that was just me stubbornly wanting to stay awake and watch horrible movies on Netflix. (The marathon continued, by the way—if you’ve never seen it before, “The Hunt for […]

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