A Warning to My Friends and Family

Because of my recent dramatic weight loss, I have already been told by a few people not to lose “too much” weight. I know these people mean well, but I somehow have a feeling that their definition of “too much” is very different from mine. And no, they aren’t saying, “Don’t lose too much weight too quickly“—they’re saying, “Don’t lose too much weight, in general“.

Everyone, I do appreciate your concern. I also appreciate your making me realize that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on this blog just how much weight I actually intend to lose. So consider this your official warning.

Here is a picture of me when I was around 14. Note how much thinner just my face looks.

Me about twelve years ago

At the time, about twelve years ago, I weighed between 130 and 140 pounds. That is the weight I hope to reduce myself to with my LAP-Band™ and exercise. I was comfortable at this weight, and would like to be there again. It’s been a long time since I felt physically and psychologically comfortable with my weight.

But if it turns out that it’s not healthy for me, as an adult, to weigh that little, then I will instead weigh more. So loved ones, don’t worry. I will do whatever I need to do in order to avoid losing too much weight. Just know that however much weight I do lose, I need your support. I know you’re used to seeing me as a heavy person. I know it’s going to be a shock to you, those of you who I don’t see often, to see me be a lighter person all of a sudden instead of gradually like those I see every day. All of you, no matter how often you see me, I know that such dramatic changes in my weight might make you uncomfortable and make you worry. But please believe me when I say that I am even more concerned for my health and wellbeing than you are—it is my body, after all, my one and only—and that no matter how dramatic my weight loss may seem to you, I really need you to be happy for me. Be concerned if you need to, by all means—I really appreciate it. But twenty pounds lost out of about five times that many is nothing dire.

Also, I am in the hands of a very excellent doctor and team of medical professionals. Between myself, them, and all of you wonderful people, I should be just fine.

Now that that’s said, I think it’s time for a walk. The snow is mostly gone here in Indy, excepting the piles of it created by various plows. It’s warm enough today to be comfortable outside with only a light jacket, and I’ve been missing the wind against my face. Until next time.

No sooner had I stepped off the end of my driveway for my walk than some dude in a muscle car honked at me. I do believe I’ve just experienced the vehicular equivalent of a wolf whistle. …kay?


7 thoughts on “A Warning to My Friends and Family

  1. Pan's Dance says:

    Having gone the Roux-en-Y route, myself, all I can say is you do what you need to, in the end, you are the one who has to decide what will and how you are going to be happy.

    • Astrid says:

      Holy crap, dude, I didn’t know you’d had bariatric surgery. Go you! Were there many in your spheres at the time who were a bit weirded out? I remember the first time I saw Dimitri as a much thinner person that it was quite shocking. And yes, I was worried about him. Now I’m on the other side of that 😛

  2. coemaria says:

    I have had the same problem. I remember a couple years ago when I had some really good abstinence that someone told me that I was already getting to skinny. People don’t realize that saying things like what was said to me and to you makes us feel worse than helps.

    I mean, I wish I could be back to my pre-baby weight when i was 16, but I know that will never happen. If I can get back to 150 lbs, that would be awesome.

    *hugs* And congrats on the wolf whistle. I know you are beautiful as does your hubby. Glad that others are starting to see that, too.

    • Astrid says:

      Yes, apparently showing the bottom half of your legs on my street will get you honked at by strangers. Go figure 😛

      I don’t know if this would be of any interest to you, but the boy and I are planning to start rollerblading when it gets consistently warm enough out. You’re welcome to come with us if you’d like : ) The Monon is calling our name.

      • coemaria says:

        As much fun as that sounds, I don’t think roller blades and I would work well together. Wedge sandals and I already have issues and my balance is not what it used to be. Thank you for the offer. Once I get some money, I’m going to get new tires for my bike that Judy gave me and start riding it. ^_^

      • Astrid says:

        Oo! Actually, we’re planning to go biking, too. Maybe we could meet up and go together sometime : )

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