A Period of Annoyance

Apologies to my male and squeamish readers, but it is now time to talk about ladythings. More specifically, bloody ladythings. Oh yeah. It’s Red Week.

Why am I writing about my period on a weight loss blog? I know there are many ladies out there (and very possibly some men, as well) who understand that more often than not, That Time Of The Month means that it’s time to eat everything in sight. See children, when some ladies’ hormones fluctuate the way they do immediately before, then during, and then immediately after their menses, we get food cravings. I imagine these are akin to what some women feel when they’re pregnant, but having never been pregnant myself, I have no way of knowing.

Regardless, food cravings such as these are especially bad when you already have a problem with food anyway. So why am I writing about my period on my weight loss blog? Because right now I just want to eat, but I can’t. So instead, I decided to vent.

Apart from the food cravings, hormonal fluctuations can bring about changes in mood. I, for example, am feeling a little emotionally crummy today for no apparent reason. …which is also making me want to eat. Actually, I don’t—yet—have any specific food cravings this month, so it’s really mostly just the general emotional side of things being irritating. But the fact that I can’t eat is making me feel a little crummier, which, you guessed it, is making the urge to eat even stronger. Stupid, useless method of self-comfort. Go away.

I did not have to deal with this last month, and I didn’t miss it. Last month I was just out of surgery. I was therefore far too distracted by certain things like being in pain and constantly tired to even think about emotional eating. So this period will be the first (yeah, the damn thing hasn’t even started yet and already it’s fucking with me) since my surgery when I’m not distracted by post-op recovery. Today has been…well, as I said, kinda crummy. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better.

And guys, be thankful you don’t have to deal with this shit.


9 thoughts on “A Period of Annoyance

  1. coemaria says:

    *hugs* I am sorry you are dealing with this. I don’t miss my uterus at all. I think this is one of the (many) reasons why. Chocolate used to be a biggie for me during my visit from “Aunt Flo”. Now, I really don’t get the urge to eat it that often. So, I will keep you in my thoughts. Know that I am ever so proud of you.

    • Astrid says:

      *hugs* Thanks! I did indulge earlier, but I was also PHYSICALLY hungry at the time as well, so I feel less badly about it than I might. The thing I ate was also made with low fat everything, so there’s that, too 😛

      Also, do you ever reply to the replies to your blog? I’ve wondered a time or two what your thoughts were on others’ input.

      • coemaria says:

        I do have replies to my blog. Not that often, but I do. More often than not, I get more “likes” than actual replies. And most of the replies come from people I don’t know. Most people I know don’t know about this blog. I did that intentionally. Certain people would get very upset about my blog, even though I change all the names. Heck, even my name on my blog is a pseudonym.

      • Astrid says:

        No dear, I mean do YOU ever reply to the comments on your blog? I know that people who aren’t me comment on things 😛

      • coemaria says:

        Yes, I do. I don’t always reply, but I do most often than not (well, at least I try to). ^_^

      • Astrid says:

        Ok then! Maybe it’s just not alerting me to your replies. Shall have to check things from time to time then : ) Hope you’re having a good day!

  2. Mom says:

    Awww. I’m so sorry you’re having problems. Chocolate protein shake help?? Probably not but it’s my best suggestion. I’m also thankful I’m beyond this shit!! Anyway, hugs from Mom!!

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