LAP-Band™ and Weight Loss

Recently I made a post to let my friends and family know some things. One of the things I realized when I started writing that post is that I’ve never really talked about the numbers involved with LAP-Band™ weight loss. That’s definitely an important thing to discuss in non-blog capacities, so let’s go ahead and get into that now here on the blog.

The materials given to me by my doctor say the following:

“Typically, LAGB patients can lose 1 to 2 pounds per week consistently…LAGB patients can lose 50% to 70% of their excess body weight within the first year and then the remainder during year two.”

This information is similar to what one can find on the LAP-Band™ website.

Does this mean that my goal of losing, in total, over a hundred pounds is realistic?

Well, yes and no. As my surgeon says, the Band is a tool. How much weight I lose depends, in no small way, on me. I need to make sure I’m eating good, healthy food that is low in fat. I need to make sure I’m exercising regularly (thank the gods it’s finally starting to be bike weather). And there are Band patients who’ve lost about as much as I want to lose. So there is hope.

There is still a part of me that’s a bit pessimistic, though. I suspect that most of that doubt springs from the fact that I gave up hope of ever being thin again a long time ago. That hope has largely returned thanks to the Band, but still a dark spot remains. Matters are only exacerbated by my primary care physician telling me that Band patients don’t lose, on average, close to what I want to. …while she is a very intelligent woman and a wonderful doctor, I think I’m going to go with the statistics given to me by the people who do Bands for a living.

But so anyway. Yes, I think my ultimate goal is achievable, depending on how hard I’m willing to work toward it. It helps that lately I’m really wanting to be less sedentary, and that I had my surgery right before spring. I love spring. After a long Indiana winter, there’s nothing better than being outside in the temperate air and seeing the first blossoms of the year. Yesterday my husband and I unearthed the bikes we haven’t ridden in years from our shed. We need to do a little work for them to be in riding condition, but once that’s done, I foresee me spending a lot of time on my bike.

Other activities I plan to engage in, as I may have mentioned, are yoga and bellydancing. The latter will have to wait a little while, though. I’m still heavy enough that more than twenty or thirty minutes of being up and active at a time makes my hips hurt. But walking and biking will help with that, and I’ve heard yoga can be fairly low-impact.

So here’s looking ahead to the future. I went shopping at Goodwill yesterday to try and find a nice shirt for an upcoming event, and found instead a black suede ladykilt. It is currently far too small for me, but I have it hanging up in my bedroom as a reminder of just what I’m aiming for.

As you all are my witness, someday I am going to be able to wear that kilt.


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