A Nasty Surprise

Remember how I was so excited that my surgery only cost a little over $1,400.00? Apparently that was too good to be true. I just returned home from a trip* to find almost $5,000.00 worth of unexpected medical bills waiting for me. Maybe I should have seen that coming. Regardless, I now find myself in a bit of trouble.

See, I was counting on the Flex Account we have through my husband’s insurance to pay for my bariatric surgery. Well this year because of some policy or another—I’m not sure if it was a policy of his employer’s, the insurance company, or the government—we were only allowed to put $2,500.00 in the Flex Account. So I paid the initial bill, and I’ve now used the remainder to pay what I could of the new bills. But this still leaves me with a few thousand dollars that, because of things like my student loans and the fact that my finances are still recovering from the two and a half weeks I was off after surgery, I’m going to struggle to pay off. I was hoping there might be some music lovers out there who would be willing to help me.

Thankfully, this is not the type of situation where I must pay these bills immediately or I’ll have debt collectors chomping at my kneecaps or something, but it is going to pile a lot more weight on an already overstressed pocketbook. If you want to help—and I feel bad asking, but at this point I’m panicking a little—you could buy a copy of my first CD, “Cold September Ground”, which I published in 2011. I’ve been actively selling this album while touring with my band Wax Chaotic**, but if anyone out in the vastness of the internet wanted to buy one now, it would really help me out. You can also buy a digital copy on Bandcamp if physical media isn’t your thing.

I thought I was prepared. I thought I got off lucky. And I feel like a total jackass asking for help like this, but at this point I’m a little at a loss. If you want to help and can buy the CD, that’s wonderful. If you want to help but can’t buy the CD, signal boosts are just as good. Either way, thanks.

Alternatively, I also have a freelance web and graphic design business if you or anyone you know needs business cards, a website, or layout designed for things such as brochures and wedding invitations. My degree is in web and graphic design, and web design is my day job, so I do have an idea of what I’m doing. All quotes are free.

And I’m going to stop whoring myself out now and go take care of the laundry. Thanks, as always, for reading.
*I was able to take this trip because an organization known as Interfilk thought I would be a good agent for musical cross-pollination within the filk community. They paid for the big stuff like airfare and hotel fees, so my adventures in the Great White North are not the reason why I now find myself less able to tread water than I had been. Quite the contrary, I sold more than a few CDs there, so that will help.

**Thankfully we have a concert to perform in Michigan this weekend, so maybe I can get a bit of breathing room.


3 thoughts on “A Nasty Surprise

  1. gwenylis says:

    Sweetie, you may find that it’s a billing error. Call and ask how you got from $1400 out of pocket to this.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. […] in a month. Here’s hoping I can keep the pleasant surprises coming. Also, I brought up the medical bill thing while I was there. I am cautiously optimistic that the woman who handles all the insurance stuff is […]

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