Status Update #2

Today I went to my bariatric surgeon’s office for yet another follow-up. If you remember, I’m expected to complete one such visit per month for the first year after surgery. I was a little trepidatious about this visit because I didn’t feel as if I’d been doing especially well with my food choices for the last week and a half or so. There was that trip to Canada, and then after being home for all of a day and a half, we left town again for a convention concert in Michigan. Being on the road has always played hob with my diet because when I was growing up, road trips were seen as special occasions that were good excuses to indulge in foods my family normally wouldn’t. Mostly this was just going out to eat, as my mom wasn’t big into on-the-road snacks, but still. I think I’ve already mentioned how the portions at restaurants disgust me.

But not only have I been doing better than I thought, I actually surprised the hell out of my doctor in a good way. Here are the numbers.

Weight on day of surgery: 239.2 lbs
Weight last month: 226.6 lbs
Weight today: 216.4
Total lost: 22.8 lbs

Apparently my doctor wasn’t expecting me to lose as much as ten pounds in a month. Here’s hoping I can keep the pleasant surprises coming.

Also, I brought up the medical bill thing while I was there. I am cautiously optimistic that the woman who handles all the insurance stuff is correct. She said it look like the bills went to my insurance for one billing cycle…thing…and that it looks like they’re going back through for another round. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the bills’ next trip through will make them disappear. And thank you, thank you to everyone on Facebook who’s been sharing my album’s purchase pages around. The fact that you care that much means more than you know.

Also, for any who might be wondering, my band didn’t give me any trouble with getting through airport security.

Now then, the obligatory status update photograph. I’m not sure I look that much different from last month, but here it is anyway:

Status Update #2

Your moment of TMI for the day: I am in that special and awkward place between cup sizes. And I hate it.

And so there’s that. Let’s see if I can disappear another ten pounds of myself by this time next month. My husband and I should have time to get the bikes out and ready for riding this week, so that will definitely help. I’m looking forward to feeling the wind against my face.


2 thoughts on “Status Update #2

  1. Jesse Dollar says:

    You actually look much different, hon. You can especially tell around the face. Hopefully that is not construed as a “Your face” joke, but there it is! 😉

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