My Nearest Milestone Has Me Thinking

Soon, if all goes well, I will be back to the weight I was when I moved in with my then-boyfriend, now husband in June of 2005. This is a pretty big deal. I am, needless to say, incredibly excited. I’m also excited by the fact that this weight loss has required comparatively little effort, and been occurring not only regularly, but pretty rapidly. For the last few months, my body has been chugging along, getting rid of the excess I built up because of how compulsive I can be when it comes to food. And so that’s gotten me thinking.

See, I’m expecting there to be an end to the easy part. I imagine that eventually I’ll need to start exerting actual effort in the form of exercise in order to lose weight. And I might even need to have my band adjusted at some point. Thus far I’ve been doing really well with the band at its loosest possible setting.

But so I’ve been wondering where the cutoff is. What does my body just naturally want to weigh when I’m not shoving fistfuls of exorbitantly fatty foods into it? I’ll find out, I’m sure. But I’m hoping it won’t be for a while yet. Hip pain sounds like a convenient excuse to forego exercise, but it really is painful for me to be too active right now. Thankfully, it is getting better! Noticeably so, in fact. But still, I’m hoping my body will burn off another twenty pounds at least before I’ll need to start being active in order to keep shedding the pounds.

I am so damn excited about my progress thus far. It’s hard to believe this is actually happening. I had given up hope of ever losing significant amounts of weight. But I actually have been.

I like to monitor my progress on a weekly basis. I look forward to Saturday morning, as that is the day I will step on the scale to see how I’ve done this week. Here’s hoping it will be a good morning.


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