Status Update #4

Hey, folks! That independent musician craziness I’m involved with is being super busy right now (*excellent fingers*), so this will be a short one.

Weight on day of surgery: 239.2 lbs
Weight last month: 208.4 lbs
Weight today: 199.4
Total lost: 39.8 lbs

As I showed you last time, I am now down below 200 pounds. Woohoo! Of course the irritating thing is that when I’m weighed at my surgeon’s office, I’m always heavier than I am when last I weighed myself at home. (Helpful reminder: I weigh myself once a week to keep track of my progress.) My scale shows me at around 194 pounds, so as far as I’m concerned, I’ve lost about 45 pounds. Either way, I’m looking noticeably different.

Status Update #4

I am remarkably alert for the Monday after a convention.

My surgeon continues to be surprised by my rapid progress. I can be very stubborn when I want something badly enough, and let me tell you, I’ve wanted this so badly for the last several years that waking up every day in this slimmer body is like living a miracle. So yeah, I’m kinda proud of myself.

I’m also feeling a lot more confident about the way I look. I actually spent most of Friday last week in a miniskirt (because conventions). I would have spent Sunday in a bellydance costume (complete with uncovered belly), but I couldn’t find my choli. (Which honestly is probably just as well, as I’m not certain I’m ready to show my scars quite that much yet.)

But anyway. I’m quite pleased with myself right now. Sorry for the lack of posts on other topics—I haven’t had much brain power for being philosophical lately.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Status Update #4

  1. coemaria says:

    I know I haven’t commented a lot lately, but I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you.

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