Status Update #5

It’s that time again! I had another post-op appointment today, and here’s how things are looking so far.

Weight on day of surgery: 239.2 lbs
Weight last month: 199.4 lbs
Weight today: 183 lbs
Total lost: 56.2 lbs

Holy shit I lost a lot of weight over the last month. And here I was feeling bad because the week before last, I lost a grand total of about half a pound.

While I’m thrilled with where the numbers are going, I find that I have once again painted myself into a corner. Well, in a way. Basically, I’m being dumb and I need to be better about watching how much and how fast I eat. I’ve gone and irritated something, so I haven’t been able to eat much for the last few days (for example: My breakfast on Saturday morning consisted of just half an egg).

So I’ve been on liquids/shakes only for the last two days and will try to graduate to something slightly more solid by Wednesday or so. Sigh.

The good news is that when I talked to my doctor about it today at my appointment, he verified that this is the correct sort of diet to be on given the circumstances, and that what I think is wrong is actually probably what’s wrong. There are some nasty complications possible with the Band, so I’ll take my case of mild inflammation over them any day, thanks.

Now for a photo!

Status Update #5

I had thought of something funny to put here, but naturally, I can’t remember it now.

I have been told by people on Facebook and in person that I look very good, and for once I rather agree with them. (Which is to say that, prior to surgery, I generally didn’t.) I am feeling better in an overall sense—I’m sleeping better, I have more energy, and movement is now enjoyable rather than burdensome—and I continue to have fewer and fewer body image issues with each pound that kindly fucks off. So despite my current stomach problems, I’m decently enjoying myself.

The 27th of this month marks my 6-month anniversary for surgery. I haven’t decided what I’d like to do to celebrate yet, but I’d definitely like to do something. I know it is quite counterintuitive to celebrate weight loss with food, but y’know what? I spend so much time focusing on making sure I’m getting proper nutrition and that I’m not eating junk and whatnot that I think I may just celebrate this anniversary with a tasty something, dammit. And a meal of crab legs is not only one of my favorite things, but well within the per-meal limit I try to stick to. So yes. That’s a thought.

Also, my surgeon gave me this pin when I saw him today. I was not expecting it, so it was a very pleasant surprise. It feels like someone just awarded me a medal.

I've lost over 50 pounds! Go me!


7 thoughts on “Status Update #5

  1. coemaria says:

    I am ever so proud of you. You have grown and changed even more than I ever imagined. This isn’t meant to be a bad thing. You have always had more maturity than most people your age. Now, you have a maturity that makes me wish I had half of what you have. You are an inspiration to everyone and know that we love you so much.

  2. Heather says:

    After seeing you in person for the first time since surgery, I can see why people say you look fantastic. It’s not so much the weight, to be honest. It’s the energy. Since you’re feeling better physically–and mentally, yes–you are overflowing with energy that, by comparison, seemed muted before. And you’ve always had a special sort of energy anyway, so you are essentially blazing like the sun at the moment 🙂

    • Astrid says:

      That’s interesting to know ^_^ I know that, from my perspective, I have more energy, and that I am being perkier than I was before. I guess it didn’t occur to me that others would be picking up on that, too :3

      Glad to see you seem to be home safely 😀 I hope you had a good trip ^_^

  3. Mom says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!! We weigh the same, for the moment. 🙂 I’m just over 90 days post-op, myself. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road but I’m doing ever so much better since I got out of the hospital. Isn’t more energy fun?!? I get more done in a day now than I used to get in a week!!

    Give me a call when you have some time and we will compare notes…


    • Astrid says:

      Man, when we see each other next month, there’s gonna be a whole lotta, “YOU’RE SO SKINNY!” goin’ on XD

      • Mom says:

        I’m planning mostly WLS friendly snacks for the event. So we’ll have plenty of options and the ‘mundanes’ won’t get any fatter!! LOL

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