National Coming Out Day

I came across this in my Facebook feed today, and thought it might be of interest. I know that I found it interesting.

As someone who is very familiar with the feeling of not being “good enough” because of weight-related reasons, I can really relate to this article. I’m sure there are many of my readers who can, too. And the first step toward solving a problem is acknowledging that it exists, so let’s acknowledge this one.

It Gets Better, Unless You’re Fat“, by Louis Peitzman


What it comes down to is good intentions. Call someone a gay slur and you’re homophobic. Use a racial slur and you’re a racist. But when you wonder out loud why I can’t just lose some weight, you’re looking out for me. At least, that’s the perception. The hurtful degradation becomes socially sanctioned, because being fat is considered to be innately wrong. The common understanding is that fatness is unhealthy and unnatural and always the fat person’s fault, despite the fact that science does not agree with these assessments. And suddenly, otherwise good people — those who are proud to not have a bigoted bone in their bodies — feel no shame in condemning us fatties. It’s not bigotry if we deserve it.

Being fat is never easy, but in the spirit of National Coming Out Week, I’m offering this potentially controversial perspective: As hard as it is to be gay, being fat and gay makes everything so much worse.

Lastly–and I do say this unironically–happy National Coming Out Day! Whatever your sexuality or gender identity–or weight–I hope that those in your life accept you and love you for the amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind individual you are. You are the only you that was ever you.


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