Status Update #7

It seems I’ve got a lot on my mind for this post, so we’re just gonna get this show on the road.

Weight on day of surgery: 239.2 lbs
Weight last month: 179.4 lbs
Weight today: 173.2 lbs
Total lost: 66 lbs

What my surgeon shoots for in regards to his Band patients is 70% excess weight loss by twelve months after surgery. I am officially well beyond that point, and four months early at that, so my doctor is pretty durn pleased with my progress. Given my rapid weight loss earlier in the year, I would be happier with the numbers if I’d lost more than 6.2 pounds over the course of a month, but that’s still 6.2 pounds in the right direction.

We are still trying to find the sweet spot (well, what I feel is a sweet spot) after what happened in August, where I’m not having issues with being hungry all the time, and am still actively losing weight, but still able to, y’know, eat. Thus, I got another adjustment today. It was a small one, but I agree with my surgeon that I seem to be hypersensitive to the implant. (I’m hypersensitive to lots of other things, so sure, why not this too?) I have indeed been having hunger issues over the last month, and I’ve been eating more than I feel like I should be. But that’s because I’ve actually been hungry enough to do so, so at least my “overeating” isn’t the sort I’ve been engaging in all my life. I figure honest hunger is a pretty legitimate reason to eat something.

Also, it’s the holiday season again, which means that it’s time for this insidious stuff again. I was sort of dreading it, actually, except…except I have some, and it’s in my cupboard, and I’ve only been having one serving of it at a time. I realize that having any of it at all isn’t exactly the best nutritional choice to make, but Band or no, chocolate is just one of those sacrifices I’m not willing to make. So I’m quite proud of myself for thus far successfully limiting my intake of one of my trigger foods. It’s been…not overly difficult this time around. It truly does help to savor the stuff, plus it’s mint-flavored, so one serving of it goes a long way. If my sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied after I’ve had that one serving, then that’s what sugar-free gum is for.

I was asked by the staff at my doctor’s office if I would be interested in coming to one of their new patient seminars next week to talk to their prospective bariatric patients. I am indeed, so if you were at that seminar and you’re reading this, greetings!

The fact that they asked actually meant a lot to me. It makes me feel like I’m one of the success stories, which I suppose I am. This makes the competitive part of my personality happy*, but more importantly, illustrates to me pretty well just how far I’ve really come. So I hope that my talking to the prospective patients will be…well, inspirational. When I went to my new patient seminar way back in the spring of 2012, it was really nice to see some of my surgeon’s patients, to look at them and see a real, live, breathing person who had benefited from having the surgery. It gave me hope that I could find my way out of the darkness. I’m still navigating through some shadowy areas, but all in all, I’d say I have a reason to be proud of myself.

Status Update #7

This shirt makes me look as if I have ALL the breasts.

*Ok, so this is really, seriously not any sort of competition. I am very well aware of that. I think it’s pretty sick that my brain goes there at all. But it does, and as I’ve said numerous times, this blog doesn’t do anybody any good if it’s not honest. This means that I will express feelings that even I wish that I hadn’t had. But it’s part of the experience, and it’s part of being human, and maybe saying what I said will really mean something to someone else out there. So I said it.


2 thoughts on “Status Update #7

  1. Heather says:

    That shirt is positively stunning on you, dear. 🙂
    You are certainly an inspiration to the rest of us struggling with weight loss! I’ve not been feeling quite so…good in general lately, and I know I personally tend to eat bad foods and stop moving quite so much when that happens. I loaf, and subsequently begin to look and feel more loaflike. But when I see your posts on the topic and see how much success you’ve had–not with the band, really, but just in fighting the food addiction itself–it gives me motivation to keep trying. So speaking for anyone who feels more positive about their own personal fight after reading your blog–thank you, and hugs!

    • Astrid says:

      It means so much to me that you feel that way, dear. This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to accomplish with this blog. I know the cravings can be absolutely horrendous, but you’re not alone ❤ Feel free to talk to me about them any time.

      And I hope the new apartment is working out wonderfully for you 😀

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