Your Existential Question of the Day

What does it mean to be “attractive”? This photo series, created by Gracie Hagen, examines this. The series is comprised of artistic nudes, so if you do not care for nudity or are in a space where viewing it would be inappropriate, you should not click the link.

Essentially, this series is all about body language. Hagen photographed models standing in two different poses. First she photographed each of them in a pose that is considered conventionally attractive. I noticed this typically involved body language elements that conveyed a sense of self-confidence and maybe even pride: Chest up, shoulders back, gaze level or directed upward (as opposed to meekly cast down), that sort of thing. So in essence, the models look attractive because they act like they think they are attractive. I have noticed that doing so myself has a similar effect on people. If I act as though I feel confident and attractive, then people respond to me as if I am such.

Conversely, when Hagen had those same models stand in unflattering poses–slumped over, eyes downcast in embarrassment, shoulders down, etc.–they looked considerably less attractive. Which brings to mind the concept of how we cannot expect the world at large to like us if we don’t find some way to like ourselves, first. It is, at any rate, much more difficult.

All of which–for me, anyway–boils down to this:

Find a way to love yourself.

End of story. You may think you are unworthy of love, and a terrible person, and if you’re reading this blog and you do think this, then chances are it is weight and/or eating disorder related. I know of at least one friend of mine who has difficulty seeing the good in herself because of reasons related to her weight and her issues with food. It is a thing. It exists. Do not be ashamed. I have been there myself. And perhaps it is easier for me to say this because I am much closer to the other side than I was nine months ago, but nevertheless:

Find a way to love yourself.

There is a way. You can find it. The world is a much more beautiful place with love in it, and where better to start than with the only person you will always be with for the entirety of your life?


One thought on “Your Existential Question of the Day

  1. […] method won’t work for you…but then again, it just might. It’s worth trying. As I have said, you have to find a way to love yourself. No one else can give you a reason—or the ability—to […]

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