Who Sprinkled Eggshells Everywhere?

Friends, do not worry. I am here to assuage your fears and mollify your embarrassment. I am here to banish the eggshells from your path, and inform you that you’re not really making that faux pas you think you are.

Seventy pounds lighter, I am often complimented by those who’ve known me for a long time. “You look great!” they say. And then some of them blink as one and one become two in their brain, and practically before the last syllable of their compliment leaves their mouths, they apologize—”Not that you didn’t look great before, I mean”.

I know, dear ones. I know you mean no insult to Past Me. I know you mean no insult to Present Me. So please, before we go any further, let me explain something.

I. Was. Fat. I was and am aware of this. It is why I had bariatric surgery. I did not like the way I looked 70+ pounds ago. Whether or not you truthfully did, you do not need to worry if you tell me that I look good now. I will not find offense in your words. I. Was. Fat. I hated the way that I looked, and I hated myself for a variety of reasons. Now the Kattworld is a better, brighter place to live in many respects, in large parts because of the weight loss. I am thrilled that so many people wish to tell me how good they think I look. But your doing so does not mean that you will, at the same time, hurt my feelings by inadvertently drawing a comparison between how I look now and how I looked then. I didn’t like how I looked then, anyway, so really, dears, you have nothing to worry about.

So take a breath. Give me a compliment if you feel so inclined. But don’t think that you’ve somehow wounded me in the same breath. You have not. I promise.

And I thank those of you who have proffered compliments for celebrating this change with me. You enrich the experience for me by sharing it with me.


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