Some Inspiration for Thursday

Before I had bariatric surgery, I despaired of ever losing weight. I was all but resigned to the fact that I would never truly feel attractive again, and never be below 200 pounds again. This was not without trying to lose weight. I joined Curves—twice—went to see a dietitian for nutritional advice, tried portion control…I basically did everything except the really drastic things (like having batriatric surgery)…

…and the right things.

I was flummoxed and despondent. I couldn’t figure out why my efforts weren’t working, when it seemed like they really ought to be. Now I know that, for all it felt like I was putting forth a lot of effort to lose weight in the past, that I still wasn’t doing it right. So today I’m not at all surprised that I wasn’t able to lose weight. This is because of all of the lifestyle changes I’ve had to embrace following surgery. I’ve learned a lot more about good nutrition, and become much more confident that things like healthy eating and portion control actually work. But I’m a bariatric patient. I have a cheat code installed in my guts. What about people who haven’t gone under the knife to lose weight?

A friend of mine shared this today, and I wanted to pass it along as an example of the fact that yes, it is possible to lose weight without taking the cheat code route. To quote the article, “I realized when you’re not dieting but instead changing your entire lifestyle, nothing is really off limits and eating isn’t something to be ashamed of.”.

There really is a right way to go about weight loss (and while that may be different for each individual, there are some basic things like eating healthy, properly portioned meals that are pretty standard). And fad diets and the like are not it. Speaking from experience, it takes real, genuine lifestyle changes—and no, it’s not necessarily easy. But yes, it is totally worth it.

Also, you fucking rock.


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