Subtle Shaming

As I’ve discussed previously, I am a big advocate of being body-positive. A friend recently shared “10 Ways We Body Shame Without Realizing It”, which I thought would be good to further disseminate here.

Whether you’ve experienced any of this and couldn’t put your finger on why it made you uncomfortable, or you were raised in an environment wherein which this type of discourse was considered normal, all of these points are good things to be aware of.

Anyone out there have anything they might want to add to this list?


2 thoughts on “Subtle Shaming

  1. I’ve been going to a LAP-band support group, and one of the women there talked about going out to eat. The waitress gave her a tiny little booth, and the woman said “I’m sorry I can’t sit there….” and the waitress half-shouted “Oh! You can’t fit it there!? Are you sure?!”

    We talked a lot about how slender people don’t always understand that booths and seats and personal space can be an issue when you weigh more and are bigger. I’m not saying we need to ostracize or pick on the naturally slender, but I do wish there were PSA’s for this kind of thing…

    • Astrid says:

      It’s just another kind of privilege, and as such, those who have it have a difficult time recognizing that they have it. Hopefully the experience you mentioned taught the waitress that that sort of thing is something of which to be mindful, and she’ll be more conscientious in the future. (I can dream, right?)

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