Player 1: Continue

Yes, the title of this entry is a video game reference.  Deal with it.

This past Friday, I awoke with every intention of beginning a period of better eating habits (what most call “going on a diet”, but I’m trying to avoid that terminology because “diets” are generally temporary and gimmicky) and with the knowledge that my timing was tricky because I was headed to a science-fiction convention.  I find it difficult to eat well at such events for a number of reasons.  The big one is that I’m essentially off on holiday, even if I’m working at the con the way I was at this one, and because of that almost festival sort of atmosphere, I’d rather make indulgent food choices.

But I was gonna try, by golly.  No time like the present and all that.  Then a friend offered to buy me Penn Station not once, but twice, and screw watching my calorie intake, *givememeat*.

And y’know what? Totally worth it.  I would rather have had both of those meals than have limited myself this weekend.  And it doesn’t mean that I’m a failure or that I’ve fallen off any proverbial wagons.  I wanted spicy, warm, greasy, meaty sandwiches, and I ate them, and they were delicious.

Today, I want a spicy, warm, greasy, meaty sandwich, and today, I am not getting one.  Instead, I am eating in, where I can measure and portion my food and write down in my little notebook how many calories, how much protein, and how many carbs I’m eating.  And lunch is sloppy Joe, so it’s not like I’m forcing rice cakes and tofu seasoned only by my salty tears as I lament the lack of delicious greasemeat down my throat.

(To clarify: I love tofu, but it’s gotta be flavored with something.)

Also today, I had a doctor appointment.  As is standard, I was weighed on my way to the exam room.  My scale had me at 264.  The doctor’s scale had me at 247.  So apparently there’s something wrong with my scale.  I know it needs a new battery, so I’ll take care of that, see if any other things need changing on it, and see if that enables it to get back to weighing things accurately.

The possibility that my scale is 17 pounds off is actually not a surprise.  My boyfriend has been weighing himself on it as well, and since his weight hasn’t changed much in the past decade, he was very surprised to discover that he’d gained 17 pounds.  I feel that my doctor visit this morning has confirmed that something is wrong with the scale.

So today begins my renewed efforts to track my intake, curb my impulsive eating, and reduce the amount of junk food I ingest.  My goal is to lose ten pounds by January 1st.  Time will tell how successful I manage to be, particularly with the holidays right around the corner, but hopefully the grace I gave myself this weekend will carry over to those holiday meals if I need it to.


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